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About our hobbyhorses

Liinakko hobby horses are handmade in Pietarsaari, in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland. There are two sizes available: horses and ponies. The horse is about 95 cm tall, with a head height of approximately 40 cm and a total weight of 1.1 kg. The pony is about 86 cm tall, with a head height of approximately 30 cm and a weight of 0.6 kg.

More information about the measurements of our hobbyhorses here!

The horses are made of high-quality imitation alcantara that is soft, shiny, and smooth. It looks just like real horse hair. The fabric is used in the furniture industry as well, as it is slightly resistant to water and moisture. In order to increase the natural look, the nostrils and eyes of the hobby horses have been given a glossy appearance, and some horses have authentic looking colour markings on their forehead. The horses also have been branded on their neck, giving each horse born at the Liinakko stable a unique identifier.

The mane is made of thick natural fibres and can be modified and shaped at will.

The stick is made of unprocessed wood which can be waxed, oiled, painted, or lacquered.

Caring for your hobby horse:

The fabric can resist some water, but you do not want to completely submerse your horse to keep the filling from getting wet. You should not brush the colour markings on the head every day, but careful and occasional brushing is okay. Dust is best removed by using a tape roll.

Each hobby horse has been made with care and love, and I hope they will receive plenty of affection and care in their new homes.